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Ridgway, CO


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Scroll thru all the 'Images' or sort by 'Gallery' by selecting the appropriate the tab above. Gallerys include; Colorful Colorado, Unique Utah, Remnants & Remains, Close-up & Personal, Black & White, Nature Abstracts & Patterns, Here & There Landscapes, Tremendous Trees, and Windows & Doors. I am always adding to these collections so check back often!

My passion for photography has rewarded me with the opportunity to examine the world more carefully - to really look, and see. Success is two-fold; first in making the discovery and capturing the moment that calls to me and second, in transferring that sense of discovery to the viewer. Drawn to images that offer a strong composition, pattern and rhythm I seek to create work with a unique perspective (both visually and intellectually). Pushing the limits of traditional composition 'rules' excites me. Captivating my attention, the landscape, nature subjects and things from the past are common themes in my work. My approach is intuitive and I choose to impose no constraints, leaving myself open only to possibilities.

Denise earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Moore College of Art and Design, and has worked as a Graphic Designer for over 30 years. Photography is Denise’s fine art medium of choice. She transitioned from film and the darkroom to digital photography in 2003 and has participated in juried exhibits often, accumulating many awards over the years. Denise has acted as a photography judge for more than 16 organizations including the Photographic Society of America and she is an exclusive contributor at iStockphoto and Getty images. She also leads photo tours, offers workshops and one-on-one digital photography training. To view Denise’s online gallery or find a link to her photography blog, visit


Doorway To the Past by Denise Bush


Looking Through Time by Denise Bush


The San Miguel in Autumn by Denise Bush


Million Dollar Highway by Denise Bush


Conoco Pump by Denise Bush


Mountain Lake Reflection by Denise Bush


Snow On Chimney Rock by Denise Bush


Reflection with Ophir Needles II by Denise Bush


Reflection with Ophir Needles I by Denise Bush


Log Barn In the Mountains by Denise Bush


Last Light on Autumn Aspens by Denise Bush


Fall In Line by Denise Bush


Forest Abstract Reflection by Denise Bush


Aspen Abstract by Denise Bush


Color Reflections by Denise Bush


First Light on the Sneffels Range by Denise Bush


Before Sunset at Chimney Rock by Denise Bush


Darkness Fell by Denise Bush


Old Shack and Equipment by Denise Bush


Shack with Relics by Denise Bush


The Colors of Fall by Denise Bush


Aspens In a Row by Denise Bush


Aspen Trio by Denise Bush


Aspen Tree Welcome by Denise Bush


Among The Aspens by Denise Bush


Across the Meadow by Denise Bush


Pond and Mesa by Denise Bush


Aspen Inspiration by Denise Bush


First Light at Crystal Lake by Denise Bush


Fiery Aspen by Denise Bush


Aspen Road by Denise Bush


Entwined by Denise Bush


Silhouettes in Black and White by Denise Bush


Mountain Crossroads by Denise Bush


Cabin in the Mountains by Denise Bush


Ghost Town Schoolhouse by Denise Bush


Twisted Root by Denise Bush


Old South Window #1 by Denise Bush


Old South Window #2 by Denise Bush


Old South Window #3 by Denise Bush


Triptych Windows by Denise Bush


Awakening by Denise Bush


Sunrise Silhouette by Denise Bush


Tree At Dawn by Denise Bush


Cash Register II by Denise Bush


Cash Register I by Denise Bush


Tree Tunnel by Denise Bush


Before Sunrise at Folly Beach Pier, South Carolina by Denise Bush